January 21, 2021

Rodents Control In Poultry Farms

Now is the time when we need to re think our strategies going forward. Never ending upwards trends of maize & soya, fly problems & labour issues. In the last six months except a month (july) we have never seen price of egg & broiler above Rs3/Kg and Rs .65/Kg.

As most of our farms are located in rural areas, finding pebble stones is not a problem. When we place the pebble stone as in the above image, rodents will have no place to borrow holes which will stop the growth of future rodents, always rodents go in a straight line, in between we can place traps as shown above.

Few of the techniques for fly control

Chemical control

Bromodioxide rat poison can be used .(* Keep away from children and domesticated children).

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