Chicken Processing & Retail Sales software thoroughly monitors data regarding the received/rejected birds due to the loss in processing, dressed weight, packing, and portioning. Chicken Processing & Retail Sales software helps you to analyse the Packed products grouping, count of yield, frozen/chilled, by-products, and analysis.

Hanging or Shackling

  • Meat processing is done by hanging, or shackling, the birds to a processing line.
  • Birds are transferred from transport boxes to a room where they are hung upside down from shackles attached to an automated line.


  • During stunning, the birds are passed through an automated cutting section where the knifes make an incision on the neck to cut the major blood vessels in the neck.
  • With the carcass hanging upside down and the blood vessels cut, most of the blood in the carcass will exit.

De-feathering or Picker

  • The picker de-feathers on the carcass.
  • The picker with rubber finger like projections, which rotate in a circular motion to remove feathers without damaging the carcass.

Shock or Stunning

  • Electrical shock delivers a current through a water bath to create a state of unconsciousness.
  • For a complete stunning the birds must receive a particular electric exposure for a specified time.

Feet, Head, Neck, Removal

  • Feet are cut at the ankle joints and removed.
  • The head is cut and removed.
  • The neck is cut with machine.

Chicken Processing & Retail Sales software Keeps Tracks of

  • Chicken processing details
  • Category wise processing details
  • Weight loss details
  • Yield percentage details
  • Sales details
  • Outlet wise sales details
  • User cash handover statements & report
  • Price details
  • Price variation details
  • Physical stock taking details
  • Portioning & Reprocessing

Account Section

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet & Trial Balance
  • Purchases, Sales
  • Payment, Receipt, Journal Voucher

Inventory Section

  • Birds
  • Chicken items
  • Consumables


  • To Record all processing details-Category wise.
  • Simplified forms to record day to day activities like sales details, Weight loss, etc,
  • Yield percentages are automatically calculated.


  • Record production activities.
  • Can check the status of all activities from one centralised location.
  • Instant corrective action where entries are missing or performed incorrectly.
  • Increased traceability


  • Profit & loss, and cash flow statements Sector wise
  • Individual customer cost centre wise accountability.
  • Alerts on credit limits & terms given to customers.
  • Analysis of financial status on trade payables and receivables.
  • Sale rate analysis as well as purchase rate analysis.


  • Ageing analysis for customer outstanding receivables
  • Helps you in analysing which supplier can supply raw material at better price.


  • Control over inventory allows the business to control inventory waste and misappropriation
  • Access to levels of production inventory on hand in real time at each site and storage location.
  • Re-ordering of inventory
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