Our Hatchery Management Software is designed to capture all transactions and activities involved in a hatchery, like Batch Performance, Purchases, Sales, Expenses, and Accounting.

The users of our software can keep track of all the activities like egg receipt, cold room stocks, egg grading, egg candling, egg settings, chick sales, chicks grading, transfer rate, dispatch along with hatch break analysis.

Hatchery lifecycle Management

  • maintains records during the whole 21-day hatchery cycle, from setting to hatching

Egg placement planning

Gives you complete egg placement planning report.

  • Egg Receiving
  • Egg Grading
  • Egg Setting

Batch Analysis

Our System keeps information of eggs from breeding farms to hatchery. This permits you to analyse the batchwise performance

  • Hatch percentage
  • Candling details
  • Egg transfer details
  • Vaccination details
  • Calculates production cost

Hatching Analysis

Our Software gives you the results and gives hatch break out analysis report for hatching performance

  • Hatch details
  • Wastage eggs details
  • Per chick cost
  • Production percentage
  • Admin / overhead cost

Equipment Maintenance

  • Our Software keeps track of equipment AMCs, maintenance schedules. This in turn permits you to make sure the performance of equipment is better and lasts longer.

Machine utilization

Gives you a schedule report to analyse your setter and hatcher utilization

  • Utilization of hatcher machine
  • Utilization setter machine
  • Machine turning details (front / back)
  • Hatcher & setter performance

Daily reading captures

Records temperature and humidity settings from machines and can send you alerts to avoid emergency. (Add on facility)

  • Mobile application to record remote data
  • Actual reading time (temperature / humidity)
  • Hatcher & setter-wise temperature details

Third party hatching contracts

Providing the hatchery to third party as a service, our software allows you to calculate invoices and incentives as per your contract.

  • Party-wise Hatchability
  • Party-wise hatch details
  • Party-wise candling report
  • Party-wise performance
  • Party-wise chick dispatch details

Chick sales and delivery

  • Manages complete chicks’ sale process. Allows your chick sales based on production planning from hatchery.

Cold Room Inventory Management

  • Permits the egg movement in the cold room and gives you better control on egg procurement and placement for setters.

Poultry management software for Hatcheries Keeps Tracks of

  • Egg Receiving
  • Loading Details
  • Transfer Details
  • Hatch Record
  • Vaccination
  • Chicks Transfer

Account Section

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledger & COA List
  • Journal Register
  • Purchases, Sales
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
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