Our Poultry management software for Broiler Integration improves the operational efficiencies and boosts transparency in the Flock Performance reporting such as Purchases, Sales, Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production and Accounting.

Accessing the information from one place to easily understand what gives better flock performance.

Real time farm Management

Our software enables you to manage branches in real time while comparing performance to benchmarks.

Single/Multi point data entry

Because it is cloud-based, you can quickly access it from desktop and mobile devices, and it has offline features to guard against data loss as a result of hardware problems. All parameters and calculations will use the data you enter just once.

Feed Planning and Analysis

Our software can be used as a tool to predict the feed requirements at the farm level, based on the average consumption. Which helps in better planning in terms of managing feed inventory.

Growing Charges and Management Cost

  • Performance details (FCR, CFCR, Mortality%, BPI etc.)
  • Accurate statements of rearing charges with features like Money advance, deductions, and compensation

Manage farm wise reports

  • Received Chicks Feed/ Medicine/ Disinfectant
  • Daily Entries (Mortality, Feed intake, Body Weight)
  • Batch Culling & Bird Sales/ Transfer
  • Faster decision making due to availability of real time information and reports
  • Farm wise Profitability & Costs
  • Gives you 100% Traceability on your Farms & Batches gives your complete control on Feed Conversion Ratio(FCR).

Mobile Application

  • Using mobile app helps to identify entry location and distance travelled by the supervisors.
  • Shed tracking facility, Shed entry on-location facility,
  • Track real time supervisor visits

CBF Production cost

  • Current valuation of flock
  • Feed & medicine consumption details
  • Permits you to calculate the exact production cost per kg and per bird.

Branch wise performance

  • Comparison of the performances, branch wise, generate daily P & L for branches

Control and Approval Processes

  • Approvals and authorisations in the system for excellent process control.
  • This process can be completely configurable as per company rules
  • Pre-Defined Parameters for Farm Monitoring

Dashboards and Analysis

  • Desktop/Mobile Dashboard gives you clear idea about your how the branches and farmers are performing.

Alerts and Notifications

  • User Defined Alerts/post
  • Allows users to take preventive measures
  • Mortality ratio alerts
  • Low FCR alert
  • Supervisor feedback alert and farm rating

Optimal Decision Making

  • Optimal decision making due to availability of real time data and reports

Human Resource Management

  • Workforce, machinery, and tools can be used to their optimal level due to better management/ scheduling of production order, payments, deliveries etc.

Easily Customizable

  • We can customize the software and tailored to meet your specific business needs

Poultry management software for Broiler Integration Keeps Tracks of

  • Farm, Shed and Flock Details
  • Flock Wise Vaccination
  • Daily Entry
  • Mortality and Production details
  • Finalization
  • Bird Transfer
  • Feed Details
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule
  • Combined Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Individual Flock Performance Report
  • Flock-Wise Performance
  • Vaccination Report
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