January 21, 2021

Fly Control in Poultry farms

Be it Asia, America, Africa or rest of the world, poultry farmers & poultry integrators dread when they hear the word FLY.

As such we do not have an immediate solution for controlling flies as the fly breeds very fast in temperate climate.

Few of the techniques for fly control

Biological control – Bugs that kill flies

  • 1. Predator beetles
  • 2. Predatory mites’
  • 3. Parasitic wasps

Herbal control -Few of the herbs that repel flies

  • 1. Wormwood, southernwood
  • 2. Lavendar
  • 3. Mint
  • 3. Lemon grass

Insecticides – Chemicals that can be used,

Larvadex: An insect growth regulator, this chemical controls fly growth in and around the farm.

Using the above methods although not immediate but considerable changes can be observed in the poultry farms with respect to fly control, there by ensuring the local community, employees and Birds are taken care.

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