September 17, 2021

Marketing Layer Eggs

One of the major issues today is the marketing of eggs; either the concerned boards nor the individual farmers are able to say on the price, it is only the traders who are ruling the roost.

Bigger or smaller, layer farmers have to always think for retail marketing, as most of the farmers are located in proximity of 3 to 5 kms from the village or town.

Keeping the above in mind, farm management needs to have sale point come depot for storing at least 500 trays of eggs, all the small autos, cycle vendors and other small vendors will purchase the eggs.

Advantages of a small depot,

  • Small vendors will not be entering our farm.
  • Ready cash will be available for petty cash, labor and vehicle payments when we get raw materials.
  • We will exactly know the market condition whether there is demand in the market.
  • We can sell at a premium rate, jumbo eggs instead of selling outside we can sell in our local shop.
  • Being near to farm, control of the shop or depot will be easy.
  • Last but not the least Bio-security will be maintained.

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